By: Diane Wadham, Director, Corporate Relations


Planning your volunteer initiative is a necessary and key component to launching your volunteer initiative.  This is no different from some of the strategies you are most likely exercising in your own business.  Planning saves time, clarifies expectations and roles and keeps those involved on task.

Just Projects Inc manages projects for our customers.  We believe many of the concepts of project management can be shared with other small businesses in the community to help them improve the success of their volunteer initiative.  In our experience, planning improves the results every time!   Assisting companies with their volunteer initiatives by using what we know about project management is a way for us to ‘give back’.  Helping you help others is our volunteer initiative.

Our Director, Corporate Relations, Diane Wadham is available to help you with your volunteer project.  Diane’s job is to work with you to plan your volunteer project by using our simplified project toolkit.  As noted in the previous newsletter, we have put together a project toolkit to guide and assist with your planning phase.  We have added a handy link for this toolkit on our homepage.  We believe this will help maximize the impact of your volunteer project. However, this toolkit can also act as a template that can be modified to best suit your particular business planning models.

Things we can do to help you with your initiative:

Assist you with the planning of your initiative

Provide guidance as to how best to manage the challenges you will face when executing your volunteer project

Facilitate the debriefing or ‘lessons learned’ when your volunteer project is completed       

It is important to note that there are some parameters as to the extent in which we will facilitate the launching or your initiative.  In keeping with our plan to assist and support, we cannot direct your volunteers or function in the actual executing of the initiative.

Together, we can work to establish a practical guide to realizing your organization’s volunteer initiative.  Please feel free to contact our Director, Corporate Relations for assistance:


Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly. It does more than help people beat the odds; it changes the odds.

                                        Former U. S. President, Bill Clinton


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