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By: Diane Wadham, Director, Corporate Relations

When it comes to a businessís responsibility to corporate philanthropy; size does not matter.† More and more, small business owners/operators are recognizing the importance of engaging in some form of giving back and not entrusting this important business practice to just the larger corporations.

Some small business owners while acknowledging the importance of philanthropic endeavors have expressed concern that their size could hinder their ability to successfully complete an initiative. Lack of infrastructure and resources are perceived limitations. This legitimate concern may delay the small business from involving itself in worthwhile causes.† The good news is even the smallest of efforts are capable of yielding big results.† Philanthropic undertakings need not be herculean in order to be impactful.

All small businesses could make the commitment to involvement in their community in a meaningful way.† This commitment will not only benefit those in need, but it will also benefit the visibility and brand of the business.

Smaller businesses tend to be deeply entrenched in their communities.† This fact can be advantageous as it naturally heightens awareness of the needs the community. This awareness, along with the desire and willingness to give back are winning factors that will drive a small business to make the effort to give back to its community.

Perhaps the most critical element in support of small business philanthropy is the presence of small businesses in general.† As of December 2012, 98.2 percent of all businesses in Canada are considered small business, with 69.7 percent of the workforce being employed by them*. In other words, small business has a very large presence in Canada.

The large presence of small business in our country can translate into significant impacts to communities in which they reside. Giving back can take many forms and each business can carve out its unique way of participating.† What is paramount is small business should not waste a moment in getting involved in philanthropic initiatives.† The community you serve will be all the better for your efforts.





Start where you are.† Use what you have. Do what you can.

-Arthur Ashe



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