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By: Diane Wadham, Director, Corporate Relations

As part of the Just Projects toolkit, we ask the following five key questions.  Who, What, When, Where and Why.  The ‘why’ question is designed to reveal the reasons for engaging in a volunteer effort, noting that the reasons for small businesses to initiate volunteer projects may differ from the reasons the employees want to participate. Understanding the different motivations between the employer and the employee brings clarity that can ensure both parties objectives are satisfied and thereby ensure the ongoing commitment to volunteerism.

Encouraging employees to discuss their personal reasons adds an important component that can bring more depth to the volunteerism.  As discussed in previous Just Projects newsletters, small businesses are often motivated to engage in volunteering by a desire to connect with their community in an altruistic way as well as raise its business profile. However, some reasons that may be more personal to the participating employee may include:  repaying a debt to society, desiring an opportunity to showcase untapped skills or an interest in being connected to a specific cause, to name but a few. When having this discussion among your employees, draw their attention to the fact that volunteering is also meant to benefit them and reaping personal rewards does not detract from the significance of their participation. The feelings of goodwill from helping others along with the potential to reveal a new skill set or even build a resume are both invaluable and inevitable outcomes to engaging in a volunteer initiative.

By sharing the different reasons why your employees are willing to participate in a volunteer initiative, you are creating an opportunity for greater investment in the event.  Personalization will result in a deeper connection and a sense of ownership.  This collective knowledge should raise the win-win bar even higher among those that are donating to the volunteerism and those that are the recipients of the volunteerism.

As a small business operator you are taking an important step by being a socially responsible corporate citizen.  Consideration and recognition as to the root causes of why people volunteer should lay the groundwork for a rich and rewarding volunteer initiative for all participants.




What is the essence of life? To serve others and do good.




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