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By: Diane Wadham, Director, Corporate Relations


Planning a project is about doing the project right.  Planning a volunteer initiative is no different.  Good planning will ensure that timeline targets are met, roles and responsibilities are clear and any potential delays are curtailed.  Not only does good planning ensure the volunteer initiative is done right, but also ensures that the team is ready to deliver on the initiative by specifically and thoroughly deciding who will do what.

The ‘who’ phase of the planning process is the phase that you match competencies with assignments  (or assigning individuals with tasks, based on their talents, skills and experience) which will inevitably lead to an understanding of the specific roles of the volunteer team.  In order to get to the point in which you have matched competencies with assignments, you should first review the specific tasks on your task list and then think about the skills and talents required to execute those specific tasks. It is important to carefully think about the specific skill set required for each task before matching the task to an individual.

This process of assigning individuals to tasks presents a golden opportunity to enhance the employee’s already existing skills as well as reveal untapped skills.  The latter in many ways can be viewed as an employee perk.  The ability to work outside the normal confines of the business and shine in another area can reap many benefits to the employee such as; increased job satisfaction, developing further skills and encouraging teamwork and further engagement and committment to the employer.

Also important to factor into consideration during the assigning individuals to tasks is the all-important fact that people like to work within their comfort zones. In order to both encourage the employee to broaden their skill-range by working outside the scope of their daily structure and/or hierarchy as well as provide the ability to work within one’s comfort zone, simply ensure that the employee is very involved in the process of task selection. This process discussion can also serve to enhance communication between the employee and employer.

 As an employer, the time and act of planning your volunteer initiative will demonstrate your commitment to the initiative.  That commitment should yield a trickle-down effect to those participating by solidifying their commitment as well.



"The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better."
-Robert F. Kennedy



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