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By: Diane Wadham, Director, Corporate Relations


Planning a volunteer initiative leads to a successful volunteer initiative.  Our Planning Toolkit outlines the key steps in the planning process.  In my ‘Answering the What Question’ newsletter, I discussed the first step in the planning process; that is defining exactly ‘what’ your volunteer initiative is all about.  With the ‘what’ clear in your mind, defining exactly ‘how’ you will go about achieving your objectives is the natural next step in the planning process. The ‘how’ is the part the planning process where you identify the tasks that need to be completed to finish the volunteer initiative you defined.    Grab a piece of paper and start a planning worksheet by:

1. Listing each  major task that will need to be completed to bring your         volunteer initiative to a successful conclusion

2. Order the tasks into a logical sequence that reflects which activities much be completed before others can proceed.


Figuring out all the tasks in your volunteer initiative can be a challenge.  To begin, focus on the big tasks only so you don’t find yourself buried in the detail too early.  A task is simply something that needs to get done.  Some examples of tasks are:  “Establish Event Location’ ‘Gather Sponsors’ or ‘Solicit Prizes’. 

With your tasks listed on your worksheet record how long you think it will take to complete the task.  Be sure to think about the time in terms of total duration – for example, it may only take two 15 minute phone calls to book a location but  to actually connect with the person you need to speak with may take a couple of weeks of going back and forth.  Allowing for the elapsed time in your plan development will ensure you have a realistic view of the total schedule.

Task lists are meant to be modified as your initiative unfolds. This will allow for any surprises and natural changes.   A task list that you review and update regularly will encourage constant communication within your team; which is another key ingredient to a successful initiative.  As noted in our planning toolkit, planning is a process rather than a one-time event.  With your tasked listed on a worksheet, the planning process has begun.    Our Planning Toolkit will guide you through the remaining planning steps.  Should you prefer our direct support please contact me at:



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-Martin Luther King, Jr.





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