Just Projects Inc.

MISSION: To support volunteerism in the small business community by sharing practical volunteer experience coupled with project management tools and techniques - two key ingredients that will enhance the volunteer experience and maximize results.

Welcome to the Just Projects Inc home page.  At Just Projects, we manage large, complex programs for our customers.  Our Program Management services are delivered with a focus on creating a positive experience for the employees, the customers, shareholders and the team members impacted by a company's major IT and business transformation .  We believe in a disciplined approach to delivery using the well established Project Management standards and techniques.

We also believe many of the concepts of project management can be greatly simplified and used in many ways.  One way is to apply the concepts when planning a volunteer initiative. Our goal is to share the simplified planning framework with other small businesses in the community to help them improve the success of their volunteer initiative.  In our experience, planning improves the results every time!   Assisting companies with their volunteer initiatives by using what we know about project management is a way for us to ‘give back’.

We have created this website to assist small businesses with their volunteer initiatives.  We hope that other small businesses will find the resources available on this site useful when planning their volunteer initiative.   Please feel free to browse this website, use our planning toolkit and even contact us directly for further assistance.

Our Director, Corporate Relations, Diane Wadham is available to help you with your volunteer project.  By providing ideas as well as our planning toolkit, at no cost to you, we are ourselves honouring our commitment to community and corporate social responsibility

Laurie Simpson, President



Diane Wadham, Director, Corporate Relations


Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!

-Brian Tracy